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11 juni 2012
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10 juni 2012
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Strategy Consultants
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As a manager or consultant you will spend much of your working time on finding solutions to complex and/or strategic business problems. This two-day programme will boost your effectiveness in this area by exposing you to a variety of best practice methods and techniques, developed by the top global management consulting firms, which you can apply to your own work situation.

The programme will cover the identification of problems, through to planning, communication, and successful implementation of solutions. The programme will be interactive consisting of casebased lectures and exercises, and small-group problem-solving workshops using participants’ business issues.

During the programme you will identify your own project to implement. A follow-up afternoon session will be scheduled 2-3 months later to evaluate this and address any issues encountered.

• Managers responsible for policy making
• Strategic planning / corporate development staff
• Internal consultants
• External consultants


DAY 1:
• Communicating: logical structuring and presentation of solutions
• Problem Solving: Issue framing, hypotheses formulation and analyses

DAY 2:
• Evaluating Solutions: system and stakeholders perspective
• Implementing Solutions: translating solutions into actions

Each session will be highly interactive comprising a lecture on casebased methods and techniques, an in-class exercise, breakout sessions with participants working in small groups on their own real world cases, and presentation and discussion on the solutions. Participants will return for a half-day session 2-3 months after the programme to present and receive feedback on their personal project progress.

Dates: 6-7 December 2011, 11-12 June 2012
Location: Rotterdam School of Management,
Erasmus University
Tuition fee: €1,900 excl. VAT (includes learning materials, lunches, excludes hotel)
More information:
Tel.: +31 10 408 9534

Upon completion of the programme, you will receive a certificate of completion from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.

About James Parker
James Parker is a Partner at Parma Consulting Group, and has more than 20 years experience in consulting. He worked for McKinsey & Company in North America, UK and the Netherlands, was a founding partner of Mitchell Madison Group, and Managing Partner of Boer & Croon Corporate Strategy.

About Marc Baaij
Marc Baaij is an Associate Professor of Strategic Management at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam (RSM). He is the academic director of RSM's Executive Master in Management Consultancy. He was a strategy consultant and research manager of the Dutch office of the Boston Consulting Group. He also worked for IBM in the Netherlands. Marc is the author of ‘The Consultancy Method: From Problem to Solution’ (2011, currently in Dutch only) and co-author of ‘The Craft of Strategy Formation: Translating Business Issues into Actionable Strategies’ (2007).

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Bedrijf: RSM Erasmus

Datum: 11 juni 2012

Inschrijven voor: 10 juni 2012

Type event: Seminar

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