McKinsey Grant - Amsterdam

18 juni 2018
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31 mei 2018
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Business Course
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At McKinsey, we believe that you can – and must – keep learning throughout life. That is why we challenge each other and our clients to grow every day. 

Our Amsterdam office gives a number of ambitious and talented students the opportunity to focus fully on accelerating their personal growth. We do this through the McKinsey Grants. In addition to a financial contribution, you will receive mentorship from a McKinsey consultant for a period of twelve months.

Personal growth can happen in many different ways, including:

  • Study or research at home or abroad
  • Setting up a charity
  • Rolling out a business
  • An exceptional athletic performance
  • Taking part in a music competition

We are open to any special initiative - what's important is that you convincingly define how your plan will accelerate your personal development.

Who can submit an application?

Individuals and small groups, and teams or organizations of up to 6 people can apply.  Applicants should also meet these criteria:

  • University (WO) student, current Ph.D. student, or very recently graduated from university
  • Good academic results at both high school (VWO) and university
  • Has developed extracurricular activities which demonstrate team experience, initiative, and drive
  • Has ambitious plans for which they need funding
  • Fluent in Dutch

Application deadline

If you would like to be considered for a grant, submit your application by May 31, 2018.  Additional guidance for completing an application is outlined below.

Between June 18 and June 27, a number of applicants will be invite for a short interview to expand upon their application.  By June 28, 2018, you will receive notification about whether or not you've been selected to receive a grant and if so, you'll learn the monetary value of your grant.  Upon completion of your project, you'll be asked to write a short essay about your experiences.

What is the monetary value of the grant?

This year, an amount of 15.000 Euros has been allocated to support several initiatives.  The number of grants awarded and their individual value has not yet been finalized.  This final decision depends on the number of selected projects and the financing needs of the candidates.  Our McKinsey Grants are one-time contributions.  

In addition to a financial contribution, you will receive mentorship from a McKinsey consultant for a period of twelve months.

What should my proposal look like?

There is no set format for proposals.  Proposals do have to demonstrate the following:

  • Your initiative or project must take place in a defined period of time between the summer of 2018 and summer 2019
  • The level of initiative of entrepreneurship
  • How it will contribute to your personal development
  • Has ambitious plans for which they need funding
  • Your motivation for requesting a grant to realize your plans

Application details

Apply here and include the following information:

  • Your CV, VWO, and WO transcripts
  • Cover letter in which you explain your plans (maximum of 400 words)
  • Budgetary oversight and information about any other funds you may have received

Event informatie

Bedrijf: McKinsey & Company

Datum: 18 juni 2018

Inschrijven voor: 31 mei 2018

Type event: Business Course

Doelgroep: Topstudenten

Locatie: Amsterdam