High Performance Digital Conference

23 juni 2015
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22 juni 2015
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On June 23 this year, Accenture will host the High Performance Digital Conference (HPDC) in which both the Internet of Things Hackathon and Data Scientists Rumble will take place.

High Performance Digital Conference
This page is dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on what you can expect during these 24-hour events. 

Please note: attendance on this page does not guarantee participation to the event. 
To attend the event, register here: http://ac.centu.re/HPDC15register

What can you use this page for? 
1. Contact the organizers 
2. Stay up to date on the program and follow latest news
3. Connect with other participants and form teams 

We hope to see you soon at one of the events at the HPDC! 

Kind regards, 
The HPDC team #HPDC15

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Bedrijf: Accenture

Datum: 23 juni 2015

Inschrijven voor: 22 juni 2015

Type event: Seminar

Doelgroep: Geïnteresseerden