Digital solutions to grow your business

We are Node1, a digital consultancy based in Amsterdam. We guide your company to develop, validate and execute compelling new digital strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

With our passion for business and technology we guide your company in a complex technological landscape where ‘the Internet of Things’, multi sided marketplaces, big data and machine learning arise unique new business opportunities. It is our goal to help you grow your business and stay relevant to your customers in a time where technology evolves at an exponential rate.

Our entrepreneurial spirit stands at the centre of our business driven approach. We are not there to only advise, we unburden in the entire process from finding innovative business models to the implementation of the fitting technologies and sourcing your organization with digital experts. We partner in making you business ready to adept to future change.

Our Services

We combine digital strategy, human-centered design thinking, and lean startup principles to deliver products and services that meet your business needs and bring innovation to your customers.

Vision & Strategy

Everything starts with having a clear vision. Our team of strategists analyse the current state of your organization, proposition and technology to create a compelling digital strategy to develop new business models.

Proposition Validation

In the current business climate speed is essential. We validate your new product idea’s by applying lean and rapid prototyping methods to accelerate the innovation process. This user centered approach helps to quickly verify whether the client’s needs match the direction you are heading in before doing major investments.


We guide your company to integrate agile and extendable technology applications. Our expert team will analyze and research your company and market needs to determine the most qualified technological solutions to your change process. Using agile methods and our vast in-house knowledge we ensure a smooth integration of any new innovations or the restructuring of the existing IT architecture.   

Digital Experts

For an efficient implementation of new products and technologies we believe it should be an integrated part of your organization. With our extensive network of validated and highly experienced digital professionals, specializing in management, data science, service design, development and security, we guide the process of executing your strategy and sourcing digital expertise to be a part of your staff. This way there can be a smooth transformation in every layer of your organization.

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