Turning business strategy into reality by building responsive supply chains and asset configurations that deliver. Translating the ‘what’ into ‘how’.

Distribution strategy
Designing transport and warehousing networks, exploring and realising cross-company collaboration and sourcing third party vendors.

Asset effectiveness and footprint
Optimising asset configurations to reduce unit cost, enable growth, increase output or postpone CAPEX investment.

Resource planning and productivity
Making sure planning of resources follows day-to-day work loads by improving forecasting, and introducing data driven planning.

Supply chain differentiation
Combining demand profiles, manufacturing characteristics and customer demands to design responsive supply chains that connect to specific characteristics of customers. M3 Consultancy - Services

Working capital optimisation
Lowering working capital by understanding stock drivers, the large number of (implicit) trade-offs involved, and the relationship between service and stock at the SKU level.

People and organisation
Setting up your organisation for success and developing your capabilities to run your supply chain. 

Integrated business planning
Setting up and strengthening the business planning cycle, monthly S&OP, and weekly repair processes.

Operations due diligence
Performing due diligence of operations.

Supply chain finance
Assessing the benefits of supply chain finance solutions for buyers, suppliers and banks and designing those solutions that bring value to the entire chain.