M3 helps companies with physical operations improve through digital transformation. This may sound complicated. But it’s not. It’s simply a way to bring your customers much closer to your operations while reducing complexity.

Digital roadmap
Helping clients to make the most of today’s digital possibilities and integrate these advantages into their overall organizational ambitions to create a digital roadmap that drives value for their own customer base.

Digital First
Expanding digital abilities to meet client’s unique goals, such as creating a sustainable Last Mile proposition, introducing a platform business model or scale-up operations by developing growth scenarios in areas such as mechanization and standardization.

Planning and execution
Forecasting, resource scheduling and capacity allocation are great areas to introduce or increase a digital approach. We can help add value to Digital Mindset, design new processes that incorporate digital solutions and support de realization of it.

Transforming organizations into a more digital company, where teams have more autonomy, increased customer focus and clear, tangible goals. The three basic building blocks that will set the groundwork for an agile company are 1) formulate clear objectives, 2) select best-fitting organizational model, and 3) remodel organizational structure and way-of-working.

Value from data
Linking a solid understanding of the client’s operations with its customer data to ensure real impact. We help make data-driven and fact-bases decisions and gather potential data with its value.

Customer focus
Bringing customers closer to the operation by changing the mindset into a digital one. This transparency provides real-time adaptability in areas such as pricing and delivery, which directly leads to an improved customer experience.

Operations due diligence
Performing due diligence of operations